ROSCO means real estate development from the initial idea to the operation. Our strength lies in this integrated approach, because the experience gained from the real operation provides the input for the development of new projects. Vice versa innovative concepts can be checked directly in practice. This applies, but not only, to objects for retail use which are a focus of our activities.

All real estate projects are realized by ROSCO by own investment and at own risk. We accompany the process in all phases – from the initial idea to the operation – and we control the complete value-added potential. We stand with our name for the optimal management and the long-term successful operation of each individual property.

An indispensable prerequisite for this broad commitment are strategic farsightedness and clear goals. One of the most important goals is the lasting profitability of a property at a maximum level of satisfaction for all parties concerned. This is why each project is tailored to the local situation and has an uncompromising quality. Only in this way the existing potential can be used optimally.