Trading properties are known as a safe haven for investment. Therefore the attractiveness of this type of investment increases especially in times of economic uncertainty. However, not each property achieves the desired result in the long run. We from ROSCO have known the market since almost 25 years and due to our experience and knowledge we are able to recognise the complete potential of an object. No matter if new development or revitalisation – under our management investment properties with a good rate are created on promising locations.

Our high-quality and well established properties offer with their modern concept everything you need for an equally rewarding and secure investment:

  • profitable tenants and solid contracts
  • positive development of visitor and user numbers and
  • harmonised and professional center or property management.

At ROSCO we have no room for short-term strategies or for objects of speculation. We are committed to strategic farsightedness and sustainable return on the investment. This is why our customers appreciate us as a reliable and responsible partner.

An overview of our current real estate portfolio you will find here.