The aim of our work in the property management is to satisfy owners and tenants at the same time. Individual solutions and a high degree of work efficiency are the prerequisites for this.

Therefore we analyse the current state, define the strengths and weaknesses and take this as a basis for the development of a concept for a tailored property management. It includes varied activities for the commercial, technical and infrastructural organisation of the property:

  • reporting, bookkeeping and accounting
  • rents and additional costs are calculated, including payment control
  • tenant master data are maintained
  • floor space and allocation lists are drawn up and maintained
  • operation, maintenance and repair costs are checked and collected, including energy controlling
  • insurance contracts are managed and damages are settled
  • the achievement of regulatory compliance is monitored
  • contracts for the technical object management are managed and checked (e. g. maintenance and service contracts)
  • maintenance and repair works of buildings and outdoor facilities are managed and checked
  • security, cleaning and caretaker services are arranged and monitored
  • technical equipment and operation are optimised