Welcome, I am pleased about your visit at the ROSCO website. Learn more about our company and inform yourself about our services. However, before you start I would like to address a few words:

ROSCO means integrated real estate development from the initial idea right through to the operation – since almost 30 years. During this time our concept of integrated real estate development has not only proved its worth at shopping centres and retail properties. Also office buildings, car parks and the like are designed, planned, realised, rent, operated and marketed by us – everything from a single source and at our own risk.

As a developer we have the function of a complex control centre: a team of experts of the fields of business management, trade, urban planning, construction and legal system work hand in hand for the corporate success. This combination of professional expertise and many years of experience makes us a reliable partner for all those involved in the project.

We always align the development or revitalisation of our projects to the respective local situation in order to achieve a maximum added value from the existing potential. In this way best conditions for long-term success and sustained profitability are created. This objective is finally also achieved by our highly diversified range of services including centre and facility management, car park operation, rental and consulting, with which we ensure the optimal operation of real estate facilities.